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Our wide range of cell culture ingredients and supplements is designed with one goal in mind: to help grow your success. All over the world, biopharmaceutical companies rely on our products to complete the fundamental nutrition needs of cell cultures in process, while in-vitro diagnostic companies trust us for cost-effective assay development and scale-up.

Why? Because they know from experience that our blend of quality products and expertise gives them the confidence they need to dive right in.

With our comprehensive portfolio of cell culture ingredients, non-animal origin and animal-derived cell culture supplements, we can help you stabilize your processes and obtain optimal yields with consistent results.

Cell Culture Ingredients
As your one-stop shop for cell culture ingredients, we can supply everything you need for stable processes. Our top quality products are optimized for use in upstream applications, and backed by our unrivalled expertise in the field.

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Animal-Derived Supplements
Despite their many advantages, mammalian cells can be challenging to work with from a bioprocessing perspective. Even though they are often produced in lower amounts, their processing and scale-up parameters can be complex in terms of supplementation and feeding strategies. We offer a variety of animal-derived supplements, used globally in both diagnostics and in numerous commercial biopharmaceutical products.

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Non-Animal Origin Supplements
Given that non-animal origin supplements contain no ingredients of animal or human origin, they can simplify regulatory processes by eliminating concerns about the possible presence of viruses (or other infectious agents) from these sources.

Our non-animal origin supplements are specifically formulated for cell culture applications. Thanks to recombinant manufacturing, you can benefit from reliable supplies – plus outstanding lot-to-lot consistency.

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