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Benzonase® Endonuclease


DNA and RNA Removal

In your manufacturing process, we understand that it´s critical that you eliminate DNA impurities. Removing DNA and RNA can improve downstream processing later on — and the only effective biochemical method is enzymatic cleavage, using our Benzonase® endonuclease.

Benzonase® is a unique, genetically-engineered endonuclease that is only available from MilliporeSigma. Produced in E.coli, this non-specific, recombinant endonuclease cleaves all kinds of DNA and RNA variants into fragments that comprise < 8 soluble base pairs. This leads to an utmost minimum of nucleic acid load, and hence to an acceptable lower viscosity of the process fluid.

Wide range of applications
Benzonase® endonuclease has an exceptionally high level of specific activity for nucleic acids without any detectable proteolytic activity. It is effective in a wide range of operating conditions and applications, including the following:

  • purification of viral vaccines, viral vectors for vaccine, cell and gene therapy, and oncolytic viruses, removing DNA/RNA from proteins and other biologicals
  • reduction of viscosity caused by nucleic acids
  • sample preparation in electrophoresis and chromatography
  • prevention of cell clumping

What’s in Benzonase® endonuclease for you?

  • the capability to attack and degrade all forms of DNA and RNA
  • the absence of detectable proteolytic activity
  • the assurance that you’ll meet industry requirements for reliable supply and consistent high quality thanks to GMP manufacturing
  • the support by our EMPROVE® bio dossier and a FDA Bulk Biological Master File (US-BBMF)

To meet the widest possible range of processing and cost requirements, Benzonase® endonuclease is available in different package sizes and grades of purity:

DesignationPackage sizeOrd.No.
Benzonase® endonuclease Safety Plus Emprove® Expert 100,000 U 1.03773.1010
Benzonase® endonuclease Safety Plus Emprove® Expert 500,000 U 1.03773.0001

Benzonase® endonuclease Safety Plus Emprove® Expert 
+Tailgate sample in same outer package

5,000,000 U
+50,000 U


Benzonase® endonuclease, purity grade II (≥90%), for biotechnology

100,000 U/vial


Benzonase® endonuclease, purity grade II (≥90%), for biotechnology

500,000 U/vial


Benzonase® endonuclease, purity grade I (≥99%) suitable for biopharmaceutical production EMPROVE® Expert

100,000 U/vial


Benzonase® endonuclease, purity grade I (≥99%) suitable for biopharmaceutical production EMPROVE® Expert

500,000 U/vial


Benzonase® endonuclease, purity grade I (≥99%) suitable for biopharmaceutical production EMPROVE® Expert

5,000,000 U/vial


Benzonase® endonuclease ELISA Kit II for the immunological detection of Benzonase® endonuclease

5 plates
(8 x 12)
plus reagents


Product description

Benzonase® endonuclease — the smart solution for DNA removal in biopharmaceutical production has proven its value for over 30 years. Balancing efficiency and regulatory compliance by delivering reliability and high-quality manufacturing under good manufacturing practices to GMP (ICH Q7). Additionally, to the stringent quality control and extensive documentation packages coming with Benzonase® endonuclease Emprove® Expert, the all new Safety Plus product elevates the high-quality level even further by adding the most recent manufacturing and analytical technologies delivering enhanced risk mitigation. The Benzonase® endonuclease Safety Plus EMPROVE® Expert is manufactured using a nonanimal origin chemically-defined fermentation medium. Release testing confirms the absence of mycoplasma and adventitious viruses for enhanced product safety. Learn more.

Working with Benzonase® endonuclease for the first time – or using it in a new application?
Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Benzonase® endonuclease.

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Your Fast Track Through Regulatory Challenges.
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