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pH-Indicator Solutions


pH-Indicator Solutions for Water and Soil Samples

Rapid Results in Clear and Slightly Colored Samples

pH-indicator solutionsLiquid pH-indicators by MilliporeSigma for rapid and accurate results in colorless and clear test solutions. They are well suited for measurements in drinking water, boiler water, wastewater, surface water, aquarium water, swimming-pool water, and soil samples. When liquid pH-indicators are used, the test solution should be colorless and clear, whenever possible. Should the sample have any slight intrinsic color, test kits including a sliding comparator can be used. In many cases strongly turbid and/or colored solutions can be made colorless and clear for measurement by filtration or treatment with activated charcoal.

Measuring with Liquid pH-Indicators

  • rapid measurement: there is no waiting time for equilibrium to be reached
  • a high degree of measurement accuracy
  • easy determination of the pH thanks to distinct color graduations
  • stable for at least two years when stored between 10 and 25°C
  • available in blister packs, cartons or plastic bottles and including all the necessary accessories

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