Turbiquant® Turbidimeters

Six Different Models for Reliable Turbidity Measurement

MilliporeSigma has developed various models of the Turbiquant® turbidimetry instruments with a focus on routine measurements in water analysis. They are suited for both investigations in the laboratory as well as on-the-spot measurements. And they all have in common their ease of use and high sample throughput.

Turbidimeters at a Glance

Turbiquant® 1100 IR and Turbiquant® 1100 T
Turbiquant® 1100 IR and Turbiquant® 1100 T
  • portable, battery-operated
  • ideal for on-the-spot analysis
  • easy operation
  • practical carrying case
  • waterproof casing that adequately protects
    the electronic components

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Turbiquant® 1500 IR and Turbiquant® 1500 T Feature
Turbiquant® 1500 IR and Turbiquant® 1500 T
  • large and easy-to-read displays 
  • simple operation with just a few buttons
  • user´s guidance through the procedure via display
  • continuous-flow cell for a high sample throughput

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Turbiquant® 3000 IR and Turbiquant® 3000 T Offer
Turbiquant® 3000 IR and Turbiquant® 3000 T
  • selection between different result terms and measurement methods, such as nephelometry, densitometry and ratio measurement
  • the possibility for continuous-flow measurements with a low-pressure continuous-flow cell using a purging gas

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