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RQflex® 20 - Simplest Possible Handling Combined with Precision

Reflectoquant® ReflectometersTake your lab to the sample with the RQflex® 20 reflectometer. Compact and easy-to-use, the system allows you to monitor raw materials in all stages of your production processes, and obtain precise quantitative results—directly on-site. Whether performing the analysis in the goods acceptance area or during processing itself, the RQflex® 20 can give you results immediately throughout production, or in the course of disinfection control to ensure consistent quality control standards.

Easy, on-the-spot reflectometric measurements
  • Fast and precise portable analysis of over 20 chemical parameters
  • Barcoded test strips with batch specific calibration
  • Analytical quality control and calibration
  • Intuitive menu navigation - available in 7 languages

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Technical Data
Dimensions: 184 × 79 × 30 mm
Weight: 253 g (including batteries)
Memory: 50 test methods
200 measurement results
50 RQcheck results
50 calibration results
Light source: 4 LEDs, green/red, double optics
Power source: 4 × 1.5-V batteries (AAA)
Display: Reflective LCD Graphic Module
(256 × 160 dot)
Measurement range: 4 – 90 % relative remission
Reflection area: 4 × 6 mm
Resolution: 0.1 % relative remission
Operating temperature: 5 – 40 °C for ideal measurements
Operating humidity: below 80 % for ideal measurement


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Reflectoquant Test Strips

Reflectoquant® test strips are developed for precise on-site analysis. All required reagents are included in the package, quality-controlled to ensure truly accurate and reproducible results. For every test condition, each batch of test strips is calibrated and labelled with a barcode to ensure consistent results.

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