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Salts for Pharmacopoeia Analysis

MilliporeSigma offers a wide assortment of inorganic salts designated “for analysis EMSURE® ACS, Reag. Ph Eur”. These premium salts are specified for pharmacopoeia analysis in accordance with ACS as well as Reag. Ph Eur standards, and they fully comply with the relevant authoritative quality guidelines worldwide. Quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry thus benefit from their broad international acceptance, the certainty of successful auditing, and from reduced validation efforts and costs.

MilliporeSigma’s inorganic salts for analysis EMSURE® are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions in Darmstadt, Germany. Their outstanding analytical purity makes them the ideal choice for both qualitative and quantitative inorganic analysis.

Complete Product Range for Pharmacopoeia Analysis

MilliporeSigma offers several hundred reagents for pharmacopoeia analysis – from acids, salts, and caustic alkalis to indicators, standards and volumetric solutions through to solvents and special reagents. If you have special requests not covered by our standard products, we offer individual analysis or packaging solutions as well. Your advantage: You get everything from one trusted source, and you can be sure to work with high-quality reagents that meet all requirements of your demanding applications.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
106575 di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate
101126 Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate
102733 Copper(II) chloride dihydrate
105423 Ammonia solution 28-30%
106578 tri-Sodium phosphate dodecahydrate
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