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Indicators for Pharmacopoeia Analysis

Among its large portfolio of highly accurate indicators for observing chemical reactions, MilliporeSigma offers a wide range of indicators especially produced and extensively tested for pharmacopoeia analysis applications. Our high-quality indicators for pharmacopoeia analysis fully comply with the relevant authoritative quality guidelines worldwide and are specified in accordance with Reag. Ph Eur standards.

In volumetric analysis (titration), choosing the right indicator for the color change is crucial. What color indicators are suitable for analysis at a given pH value? What colors appear in the change? This clever tool lets you quickly find the appropriate indicators – using just a slide control for pH value. Information on transition interval and on the preparation of the indicator solution is only a mouse click away. Another click brings you directly to our product page with many more product details.

All Indicators for Pharmacopoeia Analysis  
Catalog Number Catalog Name
103025 Bromocresol purple
106202 1-Naphtholbenzein
108121 Bromocresol green
107223 1,10-Phenanthroline chloride monohydrate
108677 Xylenol orange tetrasodium salt
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