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Chromolith® Si HPLC Columns

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Chromolith® Si HPLC ColumnsMilliporeSigma offers a broad range of HPLC columns that are fully compliant with USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) specifications. L3 USP columns are described as consisting of porous silica particles, 1.5 to 10 µm in diameter. Our L3 USP columns are produced to the highest quality standards to ensure reliable, reproducible results. A perfect example is: Chromolith® Si.

Optimum Separation of Polar Non-Ionic Organic Compounds

Chromolith® Si is perfect for use as a L3 USP column. Instead of containing particles, Chromolith® Si is a monolithic column based on high-purity silica with a defined bimodal pore structure of macro and mesopores in the micro and nanometer range. The high permeability and porosity of the silica skeleton, and the resulting low back pressure allow for more flexible flow rates than particle-packed columns. Chromolith® Si is specially developed for normal-phase HPLC separations of polar non-ionic organic compounds. It is available in the dimension 100x4.6 mm.

Features and Benefits

  • Classified as L3 USP column
  • Ideal for normal-phase HPLC of polar non-ionic organic compounds
  • High throughput at high flow rates
  • Possibility of flow gradients
  • Added column performance by column coupling
  • Rigid monolithic structure for longer lifetime
  • Lower matrix sensitivity

Application Examples

Separation of anisoles

Separation example using Chromolith® Performance

Specifications Chromolith® Si

Silica type High-purity
Particle size Monolithic
Macropore size 2 µm
Mesopore size 13 nm (130 Å)
Pore volume 1.0 mL/g
Total porosity > 80%
Surface area 300 m2/g
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