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100473 Water

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Key Specifications Table

CAS #Hill FormulaChemical FormulaMolar Mass
7732-18-5H₂OH₂O18.02 g/mol

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      Catalogue Number100473
      SynonymsDistilled water
      Product Information
      CAS number7732-18-5
      Hill FormulaH₂O
      Chemical formulaH₂O
      Molar Mass18.02 g/mol
      HS Code2853 90 10
      Quality LevelMQ100
      ApplicationWater for inorganic trace analysis Tracepur®. CAS 7732-18-5, chemical formula H₂O.
      Biological Information
      Physicochemical Information
      Boiling point100 °C (1013 hPa)
      Density1.000 g/cm3 (3.98 °C)
      pH value6.0 - 8.0 (H₂O, 25 °C) neutral
      Vapor pressure23 hPa (20 °C)
      Materials Information
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Storage class10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
      WGKNWG not water endangering
      Aqueous solutions: Container D.
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Storage and Shipping Information
      StorageStore at +2°C to +30°C.
      Packaging Information
      Transport Information
      Declaration (railroad and road) ADR, RIDKein Gefahrgut
      Declaration (transport by air) IATA-DGRNo Dangerous Good
      Declaration (transport by sea) IMDG-CodeNo Dangerous Good
      Supplemental Information
      Ag (Silver)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Al (Aluminium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      As (Arsenic)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Au (Gold)≤ 1.0 ppb
      B (Boron)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Ba (Barium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Be (Beryllium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Bi (Bismuth)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Ca (Calcium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Cd (Cadmium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Co (Cobalt)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Cr (Chromium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Cu (Copper)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Fe (Iron)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Ga (Gallium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Ge (Germanium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Hg (Mercury)≤ 1.0 ppb
      In (Indium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      K (Potassium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Li (Lithium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Mg (Magnesium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Mn (Manganese)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Mo (Molybdenum)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Na (Sodium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Ni (Nickel)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Pb (Lead)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Pd (Palladium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Pt (Platinum)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Sb (Antimony)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Sn (Tin)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Sr (Strontium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Ti (Titanium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Tl (Thallium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      V (Vanadium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Zn (Zinc)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Zr (Zirconium)≤ 1.0 ppb
      Actual analysis values are subject to unavoidable systematic variations in this concentration range.
      Global Trade Item Number
      Catalog Number GTIN
      1004735000 04022536707884

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