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69232 S•Tag™ Thrombin Purification Kit

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      OverviewThe S•Tag™ Thrombin Purification Kit is designed for rapid affinity purification of S•Tag fusion proteins that also contain a sequence for thrombin cleavage. The S-protein Agarose specifically retains S•Tag fusion proteins. When fusion proteins are expressed from vectors that also encode a thrombin cleavage site (LVPR/GS) between the standard 15-amino acid S•Tag sequence (KETAAAKFERQHMDS) and the cloning region, thrombin digestion can release the target protein from the S-protein Agarose. This kit uses biotinylated thrombin to enable simple and specific thrombin removal with Streptavidin-Agarose, after the digestion step.
      Catalogue Number69232
      Brand Family Novagen®
      Product Information
      2 mlS-protein Agarose
      3 × 5 ml10X Bind/Wash Buffer
      3 × 1 ml10X Thrombin Cleavage Buffer
      50 UBiotinylated Thrombin
      0.4 ml Streptavidin Agarose
      2 ea/pkgSpin Filters, 5 ml capacity
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      Ship Code Blue Ice Only
      Toxicity Multiple Toxicity Values, refer to MSDS
      Storage Multiple storage requirements
      Do not freeze Yes
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      S•Tag™ Thrombin Purification Kit Certificates of Analysis

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    • Christoph Edner, et al. (2007) Glucan, water dikinase activity stimulates breakdown of starch granules by plastidial beta-amylases. Plant Physiology 145, 17-28.
    • Manu Agarwal, et al. (2006) A R2R3-type myb transcription factor is involved in the cold-regulation of CBF genes and in acquired freezing tolerance. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281, 37636-37645.
    • Kunhong Xiao, et al. (2004) Activation-dependent conformational changes in β-arrestin 2. Journal of Biological Chemistry 279, 55744-55753.
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