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EZRMI-13K Rat/Mouse Insulin ELISA

96-well strip plate  
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      Replacement Information

      Key Specifications Table

      Analytes AvailableSpecies ReactivityKey ApplicationsDetection Methods
      Insulin R, MELISAFluorescent Colorimetric
      Catalogue NumberEZRMI-13K
      DescriptionRat/Mouse Insulin ELISA
      Background InformationInsulin, a 5.8 kDa hormone, is secreted by the islet beta cells in the pancreas.
      Product Information
      Detection methodFluorescent Colorimetric
      Precision, %
      • Inter-assay: 6.0–17.9
      • Intra-assay: 0.9–8.4
      Quality LevelMQ100
      ApplicationThis Rat/Mouse Insulin ELISA is used to measure & quantify Insulin levels in Metabolism & Endocrine research.
      Key Applications
      • ELISA
      Application Notes3 hour assay, room temperature 10 μL sample size
      Biological Information
      Species Reactivity
      • Rat
      • Mouse
      Analytes Available
      • Insulin
      UniProt Number
      • 83–102%
      Physicochemical Information
      • 0.2 ng/mL
      Linearity of Dilution79–133%
      Standard Curve Range
      • 0.2–10 ng/mL
      Materials Information
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Usage Statement
      • For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Packaging Information
      Material Size96-well strip plate
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information



      Protocol: Rat/ Mouse Insulin ELISA Kit

      Rat/Mouse Insulin ELISA SDS


      Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 


      Reference overviewPub Med ID
      Influence of AIN-93 diet on mortality and cardiac remodeling after myocardial infarction in rats.
      Lidiane P Ardisson,Marcos F Minicucci,Paula S Azevedo,Fernanda Chiuso-Minicucci,Beatriz B Matsubara,Luiz S Matsubara,Priscila P Santos,Heloisa B Assalin,Rosangela Novo,Ethel L Novelli,Léa Silvia Sant'ana,Sergio A R Paiva,Leonardo A M Zornoff
      International journal of cardiology  156  2012

      Show Abstract
      21095625 21095625
      Fenretinide prevents lipid-induced insulin resistance by blocking ceramide biosynthesis.
      Benjamin T Bikman,Yuguang Guan,Guanghou Shui,M Mobin Siddique,William L Holland,Ji Yun Kim,Gemma Fabriàs,Markus R Wenk,Scott A Summers,Gemma Fabriàs
      The Journal of biological chemistry  287  2012

      Show Abstract
      22474281 22474281
      Topiramate treatment protects blood-brain barrier pericytes from hyperglycemia-induced oxidative damage in diabetic mice.
      Tulin O Price,Vijay Eranki,William A Banks,Nuran Ercal,Gul N Shah
      Endocrinology  153  2012

      Show Abstract
      22109883 22109883
      Hypothalamic JNK1 and IKK? activation and impaired early postnatal glucose metabolism after maternal perinatal high-fat feeding.
      Eva Rother,Ruth Kuschewski,Miguel Angel Alejandre Alcazar,André Oberthuer,Inga Bae-Gartz,Christina Vohlen,Bernhard Roth,Jörg Dötsch
      Endocrinology  153  2012

      Show Abstract
      22147015 22147015
      Resveratrol attenuates steatosis in obese Zucker rats by decreasing fatty acid availability and reducing oxidative stress.
      S Gómez-Zorita,A Fernández-Quintela,M T Macarulla,L Aguirre,E Hijona,L Bujanda,F Milagro,J A Martínez,M P Portillo
      The British journal of nutrition  107  2012

      Show Abstract
      21733326 21733326
      The effect Akt2 deletion on tumor development in Pten(+/-) mice.
      P-Z Xu,M-L Chen,S-M Jeon,X-D Peng,N Hay
      Oncogene  31  2012

      Show Abstract
      21743498 21743498
      Hypoxia-induced intrauterine growth restriction increases the susceptibility of rats to high-fat diet-induced metabolic syndrome.
      Rueda-Clausen CF, Dolinsky VW, Morton JS, Proctor SD, Dyck JR, Davidge ST.
      Diabetes  60  507-16  2011

      Show Abstract
      21270262 21270262
      Role of local insulin augmentation upon allograft incorporation in a rat femoral defect model.
      Dedania J, Borzio R, Paglia D, Breitbart EA, Mitchell A, Vaidya S, Wey A, Mehta S, Benevenia J, O'Connor JP, Lin SS.
      Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society  29  92-9  2011

      Show Abstract
      20661933 20661933
      How moderate changes in Akt T-loop phosphorylation impact on tumorigenesis and insulin resistance.
      Wullschleger S, Sakamoto K, Johnstone L, Duce S, Fleming S, Alessi DR.
      Disease models & mechanisms  4  95-103  2011

      Show Abstract
      20959631 20959631
      Amadori-glycated phosphatidylethanolamine, a potential marker for hyperglycemia, in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
      Sookwong P, Nakagawa K, Fujita I, Shoji N, Miyazawa T.
      Lipids  46  943-52  2011

      Show Abstract
      21732214 21732214

      Technical Info

      96 well Template 2 Up
      96 well Template Single
      Quality Control Ranges: Rat / Mouse Insulin ELISA

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