Pellicon® XL 50 Ultrafiltration Cassettes

True linear scalability with UF membranes with the same flow path and channel height as larger Pellicon® 2 cassettes. The Pellicon XL 50 allows process development and scaling studies.



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Biomax Polyethersulfone Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalog Numbericon Filter Codeicon NMWLicon
PXB005A50Biomax 5 5 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXB008A50Biomax 8 8 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXB010A50Biomax 10 10 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXB01MC50Biomax 1000 1000 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXB030A50Biomax 30 30 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXB050A50Biomax 50 50 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXB100C50Biomax 100 100 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXB300C50Biomax 300 300 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXB500C50Biomax 500 500 kDa Show Pricing & Availability

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Ultracel® Regenerated Cellulose Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalog Numbericon Filter Codeicon NMWLicon
PXC005C50PLCCC 5 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXC010C50PLCGC 10 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXC01MC50PLCXK 1000 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXC030C50PLCTK 30 kDa Show Pricing & Availability
PXC300C50PLCMK 300 kDa Show Pricing & Availability

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Accessories Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalog Numbericon Descriptionicon
XX42RES01Reservoir, 500 mL, for LabScale Show Pricing & Availability
XXPXLFTKTFittings Adapters and Tubing Show Pricing & Availability
XXPXLGAGEGauge 0-60 psi and Connection Fittings Show Pricing & Availability
XXPXLSTNDStand for Pellicon® XL Show Pricing & Availability

Each Pellicon XL device is packaged one per box

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    Technical Info

    Protein Concentration and Diafiltration by Tangential Flow Filtration -- An Overview


    Reference overview
    Scaling Up with Tangenital Flow Filtration
    Campbell, Melissa; Coons, Elizabeth
    GEN; v. 21, no. 16; Sept. 15, 2001, p. 60  2001

    Linear Scale Ultrafiltration
    van Reis, Robert, Elizabeth M. Goodrich, Christine L. Yson, Leah N. Frautschy, Stephen Dzengeleski, and Herb Lutz
    Biotechnology & Bioengineering (September 1997): 737-746.  1997

    Clean-Water Permeability as a Determinant of Cleaning Efficacy in Tangential-Flow Filtration Systems
    Michaels, Stephen L.; RP016
    RP016  1994

    Validation of Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Systems
    Michaels, Stephen L.
    Journal of Parenteral Science and Technology (Sept/Oct 1991).  1991


    What is the sample volume range for the Pellicon II Mini system?The Pellicon II Mini system is capable of volumes in the approximate range of 1- 50 L concentrating down to 100 mL. More or less volume can be processed depending on the individual needs of the operation, ie. process time, sensitivity of product, etc.
    Can I use TFF systems to separate two proteins based on a significant difference in their respective molecular weights?As a general rule ultrafiltration does not provide high efficiency separations of protein mixtures. However, it may be possible to effect this type of separation between two proteins that have at least 10 X difference in molecular weight and if there is an ultrafiltration membrane available with a NMWL rating between the molecular weight of the two proteins. These separations are also generally more successful with dilute protein solutions and if run at low pressure.
    What is the part number for the Gauge Kit that is used with the Pellicon XL?Gauge Kit for Pellicon XL Device (0-60 psi):
    Part number XXPXLGAGE, 1 per kit. Includes an inlet pressure gauge and t-fitting. This gauge is recommended when the Pellicon is used in the absence of a Labscale TFF system in order to ensure that the pressure on the tubing is known and not allowed to exceed it's recommended maximum.

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    Pellicon® XL 50 Device Operating Instructions

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