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Optiseal Cartridge Filters with Hydrophobic Aervent Membrane

Optiseal filters with Aervent membrane are designed for sterilizing applications, removing particles and microorganisms from gases and solvents.



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Reference overview
Sterile Filtration of Gases by Membrane Filters
Leahy, Timothy J., and Raymond Gabler
Vol. XXVI: 836-843.  1984


What is the difference between Aerex and Aervent?Aervent cartridges have a 0.2µ PTFE membrane and are used in pharmaceutical applications where it is critical to use a phobic filter that has proven bacterial and viral retention capabilities. Common applications for Aervent are fermentation air applications, bioreactor inlet and outlet filtration and sterile process gases. Aervent filters have a liquid bacterial retention claim as well as a virus aerosol retention claim.

Aerex filters also have a 0.2µ PTFE membrane but they do not come with a liquid bacterial retention claim. Common applications for Aerex include bulk intermediate manufacturing and non-pharamaceutical applications such as industrial fermentation. Aerex filters do have a virus aerosol retention claim.
Can I mount my tank vent filter horizontally?Millipore recommends that you mount your vent filter vertically because it will facilitate the draining of any condensate that may collects in the bottom of the housing. If condensate builds up in the housing, it can cause part of the filter to becomes wet which will prevent air from passing through.

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