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Scepter™ 2.0 Cell Counter

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Precise, automated,
handheld cell counting


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portable cell counter

Precision in Cell Counting

Scepter 2.0 Cell Counter – your portable cell counter. The first and only device to bring consistency in cell counting right to the culture hood: the Scepter 2.0 Cell Counter. While other automated counters consume bench space and rely on object recognition software, manual focusing, and clumsy loading chambers, the Scepter cell counter provides true automation without the error that accompanies vision-based systems. With its microfabricated, precision-engineered sensor, the Scepter cell counter does all the work and delivers accurate and reliable cell counts in less than 30 seconds.

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Scepter™ Technology for Cell Counting

Precision Cell Counting in a Portable, Personalized Format
We are constantly developing Scepter cell counting technology to expand its utility and enhance its analytical powers; the recently launched Scepter 2.0 cell counter counts more cell types and makes cell analysis easier than ever.

Scepter 2.0 does more than any cell counter on the market, making it easier than ever count your cells.

Customer Success Stories

"Much of our research of late has involved cell-based assays such as ADCC (antibody-dependent, cell-mediated cytotoxicity) and migration. Since setting up and evaluating these assays involves precise determinations of cell number, we are always on the lookout for automated cell counters that eliminate the need for tedious and inaccurate manual counting methods."

Biocompare, June 29, 2010
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