Amicon® Pro Purification System

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Biologically Active Proteins Yield Meaningful Data.

When you start with consistent yields of active, native-folded protein, you’re giving your experiment the best chance to succeed. If your current protein preps involve juggling columns, dialyzers and multiple transfer steps, you could be introducing variability into your data. For your next protein preparation, choose the simple, gentle method that tackles even the most labile and poorly expressed proteins—the Amicon® Pro purification system. When your proteins behave, your research will flourish.

Brochure and Protocols:

Read our protocols and learn how the Amicon Pro system can simplify your protein preparation.

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How Amicon® Pro Purification Works

The device combines affinity-based spin column purification with downstream sample concentration and buffer exchange. Featuring a large reservoir that accommodates a range of sample volumes, the device reduces the need for multiple centrifugation steps. Simply attach the included Amicon® Ultra filter for simultaneous elution, concentration and highly efficient diafiltration (>99%) in a single spin.

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Amicon® Pro Purification System Applications

Not only does the Amicon® Pro purification system represent a game-changing improvement in general affinity purification, but it also transforms applications such as depletion of abundant proteins, protein enrichment, buffer exchange and clean-up of antibody labeling reactions. 

Because of the extremely flexible, modular design of the Amicon® Pro system, you can configure the perfect centrifugal purification device for your protein preparation.

Amicon® Pro Application
Protocol Steps
Maximum Capacity
Purification With buffer exchange and/or concentration
  • Bind
  • Clear and Wash
  • Elute/Concentrate
    +/- Buffer Exchange 
≤ 200 µL packed resin1
  • Speed
  • No sample transfer - No loss
  • Improved yield 
Purification only
  • Bind
  • Clear and Wash
  • Elute 
≤ 1000 µL packed resin2
  • Range of sample volumes can be processed
  • Single Elution - No fractions 
  • Buffer Exchange +/- Concentrate 
Not Applicable
  • Speed
  • Improved activity of purified protein 
Antibody labeling
  • Buffer Exchange
  • Labeling Reaction
  • Wash and Concentrate
    +/- Buffer Exchange 
variable antibody input3
  • Speed
  • No sample transfer - No loss
  • Improved yield
  • Read application note 
Depletion or Enrichment
  • Bind
  • Deplete/Concentrate
  • +/- Wash/Concentrate
    +/- Buffer Exchange 
≤ 200 µL packed resin1
  • Speed
  • No sample transfer - No loss 

1 The assay capacity is dictated by the processing limitations of the Amicon® Ultra 0.5 mL device.
2 The Bind-Wash-Elute protocol is linearly scalable (50-1000 µL). Higher resin volumes require greater centrifugation speeds and duration to ensure filtrate clearance.
3 Benefits are relative to other current methods.