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Agarose Beads – IP & Antibody Purification

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Agarose Beads

Protein A Agarose binds to the Fc region of IgG from a variety of species. Can be used to purify classes, subclasses, and fragments of immunoglobulins as well as for isolation of immune complexes. Reusable resin contains 10 mg protein A/mL of beaded agarose matrix. Binding capacity: ≥40 mg human IgG/mL resin.

Protein G Agarose binds to the Fc portion of immnuoglobulins (Igs) from various species; useful for binding to Igs that do not react well with protein A. Can be used for antibody immunoprecipitation procedure and to purify immunoglobulins and IgG fractions.

Protein G Plus/ Protein A Agarose
Human IgG was purified 10 times from normal serum using a regenerated PROSEP-G spin column.
Human IgG was purified 10 times from normal serum using a regenerated PROSEP-G spin column.
Montage® Antibody Purification Kits
Montage® Antibody Purification Kits are designed for fast and easy antibody purification from serum, ascites or cell culture supernatants. The kits include spin columns pre-packed with high capacity PROSEP-A or G media. There are no pumps to setup. No columns to pack. All you need is a centrifuge to purify 10–20 mg in less than 60 minutes.

The protocol is easy to follow and, unlike traditional gravity flow methods, the use of centrifugal purification allows for walk-away convenience.

Results show that the spin columns can be regenerated up to 10X with no loss of binding capacity or reduced specificity.

  • Montage® kits offer the researcher a total antibody purification process from the initial clarification stage to the final antibody concentration step.
  • Montage® kits use a spin column format designed to eliminate tedious chromatographic steps and expensive hardware normally associated with Protein A chromatography.
  • PROSEP-A media has a proven track record for biopharmaceutical therapeutic antibody production.
  • Minimal hold-up volume of the Protein A resin plug ensures high antibody recovery.
  • The reusable spin columns are sufficient for 10 purifications each and multiple samples can be processed simultaneously.
  • The beaded supports offer excellent flow properties that, combined with the tapering of the spin column, provide uniform flow paths enabling optimal use of the media bed in swinging bucket rotors.