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Amicon® Stirred Cells

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You’ll love what’s new about the new Amicon® stirred cell.


See how the improved design of Amicon® Stirred Cells enables more secure assembly, better device integrity, and the same unmatched performance.

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Amicon® stirred cells are ideal for finely separating macrosolutes (DNA, RNA, protein, etc.) in large-volume (3 mL-400 mL) samples. They are also reliable tools for membrane analysis, because they allow users to insert membranes of choice. Stirred cells concentrate solutions with up to 10% initial macrosolute concentration with high flow rates and high recovery. They can be also used for salt removal followed by concentration in the same unit, and complete product recoveries can generally be achieved using the diafiltration setup as illustrated at the bottom of this page.

How Stirred Cells Work to Concentrate Protein

For protein concentration, gas pressure is applied directly to the ultrafiltration cell. Solutes above the membrane's molecular weight (MW) cut-off are retained in the cell, while water and solutes below the cut-off pass into the filtrate and out of the cell. Gentle magnetic stirring minimizes concentration polarization and shear denaturation.
  • Ergonomic benefits: you will love how easy it is to open, close and assemble the new Amicon® stirred cell!
  • Quick connectors to tubing for easy, secure setup.
  • Integrated safety features: with screw threads and a pressure relief valve, there’s no need for external housing. This means easier assembly and disassembly, and very clear confirmation that the device is properly assembled.
  • Overall superior integrity (no leaking).
  • Broader selection of membrane discs.
  • Fully revised user guide with clearer instructions for operation and how to connect to your gas source.
  • Better spare part and accessory support.
  • More secure stir bar eliminates risk of damage to your membrane. 
  • All stirred cells can be autoclaved.


  • Concentrate, diafilter, and exchange buffers for macromolecule solutions including proteins, enzymes, antibodies and viruses.

Available in Five Sizes:

Catalog NumberMax. Volume
5125* 3 mL
5121* 10 mL
UFSC05001 50 mL
UFSC20001 200 mL
UFSC40001 400 mL
NOTE: The 3 mL and 10 mL stirred cells are not in the new design. 


Amicon® Stirred Cell setup, including selector valve and reservoir accessories, for continuous diafiltration. In this example setup, a 200 mL Amicon® Stirred Cell (cat. no. UFSC20001) is attached to the 800 mL Amicon® Stirred Cell Reservoir (cat. no. 6028) to expand the total diafiltration volume range. Protein concentration and diafiltration are performed using a 10 kDa Regenerated Cellulose membrane (Cat. No. PGC06210). To enable quick and simple switching between concentration and diafiltration modes without interrupting system operation, the Amicon® Stirred Cell Selector Valve (cat. no. 6003) is installed between the external reservoir and the stirred cell.

User Reviews

“I have been using stirred cells during the last five years and I can’t survive without one. I was used to use all the different sizes of the old Amicon stirred cells and I am surprised how the new design makes my life much easier.”
– Mahsa Hadidi, Pennsylvania State University

“The MilliporeSigma Amicon Stirred Cell has been a workhorse for several membrane research and development projects my team and I have pursued. It enables us to test the new membranes we make easily and reliably. It is easy to train new users, especially with the new design. It can be configured for different experiments easily, from long term fouling tests to quick measurements of flux and rejection. I love the newly designed stirred cell, which is even easier and more reliable to assemble and use.
– Ayse Asetekin, Tufts University, USA

“I didn’t think reinventing the wheel was possible, however they have come pretty close.”
Leon Douglas, University of Southampton, UK

Stirred Cell Accessories Expand Your Capabilities

Amicon® Stirred Cell Selector Valve
Valve with sliding control for instant switching from concentration to diafiltration, or switching gas and liquid lines simultaneously. Simplifies operation and avoids the need for multiple T-fittings and valves.

Amicon® Stirred Cell Manifold
For instant direction of gas pressure or liquid flow in multi-cell or multi-reservoir systems. Can pressurize up to 3 cells or reservoirs from one gas source or feed several cells from one reservoir.

Amicon® Stirred Cell Reservoir
This 800 mL auxiliary reservoir increases the volume capacity of stirred cells. When pressurized from an external gas source, it automatically replenishes liquid in the cell’s built-in reservoir during filtration. The reservoir may also be used to store dialysate during diafiltration or dialysis.

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