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The Direct Detect® mid-infrared (MIR)-based spectrometer delivers accurate protein quantitation and lipids analysis, even in the presence of reducing agents and detergents from lysis buffers, from just 2 μL of sample.

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Jackie Norrie, University of Texas at Austin
Developmental biology researcher describes her experience using the Direct Detect® system for protein quantitation and how it has helped her save precious time and samples.

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“We are very happy with the new Direct Detect® system. It is much more convenient and accurate compared to other protein assays. We can also use it for non-protein sample which contain amide bonds, such as poly-lysine dendrimers, and it gives very accurate results. We could not read these samples with any other protein method before. We have also used the Direct Detect® to measure the lipid - protein content and the ratio of lipids to proteins in rHDL particles and find that the results are very reproducible. We would recommend the Direct Detect® to anyone working with protein and lipid samples and needs a fast and accurate measurement.” Dr. Christoph H., Baker IDI, Australia

“The Direct Detect® is a useful and time saving tool, allowing me to detect concentrations of detergent in my solution concurrently with protein. The Direct Detect® method is much faster and reproducible than other methods.” Courtney W., Bosch Institute, University of Sydney, Australia