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Neuroscience Biomarker Assays Using Luminex® Technology

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Human Alzheimer's Disease App Note
Read our Application Note on detection of Amyloid β 1-40 and 1-42 and total and phospho-Tau (Thr181).


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Looking for a little more information on autism and the immune system?

Read the Select Science article about Dr. Karen L. Jones’ research:

Autism Linked to Abnormal Immune Responses of Pregnant Mothers: Learn how the maternal immune profile of mothers can predict neurodevelopmental abnormalities

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Learn about exciting Alzheimer’s research presented at Neuroscience 2017 demonstrating a powerful application of immunoassay technology.

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Presented by Science:

Characterizing the maternal immune environment during pregnancy: Implications for autism spectrum disorders

Speakers: Dr. Karen L. Jones, University of California-Davis, and Dr. Anthony Saporita, MilliporeSigma R&D

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Dr. Karen L. Jones Dr. Anthony Saporita

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A biomarker of a neurological disorder is, by definition, differentially expressed between a normal subject’s nervous system and that of a subject bearing a neurological disorder. Traditionally, neuroscience biomarkers could only be detected after a subject already exhibit cognitive decline or other symptoms of disease; however, recent, sensitive assays have shown biomarkers to be present even in advance of other symptoms.

Bring Your Neuroscience Biomarkers to Life with MILLIPLEX® MAP Multiplex Assays

No single biomarker has the power to give you a complete picture of nervous system functions such as perception, cognition, motor and homeostatic control, or of disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Bead-based MILLIPLEX® MAP neuroscience immunoassays, using trusted Luminex xMAP® technology, enable multivariate analysis of the processes that underlie neural development, homeostasis and pathogenesis—all this while conserving your precious samples.

MILLIPLEX® MAP multiplex assays enable you to measure neuroscience-related biomarkers, of which a subset are shown below. Download the Analyte Quarterly brochure for a complete, updated list of assays.

Neurodegenerative Disease*:

Amyloid β40 sVCAM-1 sRAGE
Amyloid β42 PAI-1 S100B
*Selected analytes shown

Neurological Disorders*:

Tau Park7 AGP
Phospho Tau NGFβ CP
*Selected analytes shown

Neuropeptide/Neurohormone Signaling*:

α-MSH Cortisol Melatonin
Orexin A Oxytocin Substance P
*Selected analytes shown

MilliporeSigma’s portfolio of Luminex assays includes analytes in these research areas:

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Looking for Neuroscience Biomarker Antibodies?

MilliporeSigma offers an extensive, focused portfolio of antibodies and assays for studying the developing, differentiated and degenerating nervous systems. With the expertise of Calbiochem, Upstate and Chemicon, MilliporeSigma’s antibodies are well-published, validated, backed by excellent service and support and always 100% guaranteed.

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