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general ChIP HT96 workflow, up to 96 ChIP reactions on a single plate.
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The Magna ChIP™ HT96 kit is a high throughput ChIP kit that enables up to 96 ChIP reactions in a single plate using as few as 10, 000 cells per well. The kit provides a streamlined protocol compatible with automated liquid handling systems, and a propriety buffer system with a single buffer for sonication, IP, and wash.


Use the Magna ChIP HT96 kit for excellent sensitivity and lower backgrounds than conventional approaches.
  • Complete set of materials for ChIP of up to 96 samples in a single plate
  • Low chromatin requirements: 10,000 to 100,000 cells per reaction
  • Magnetic protein A/G bead blend for use with greater variety of antibody subtypes than A or G alone
  • Optimized, streamlined protocol with a single buffer for sonication, IP, and wash
  • No additional cleanup steps; directly analyze resulting DNA
  • High fold enrichment using multichannel pipettes or standard automated liquid handling systems
  • Protocols for ChIP using cells or tissue
  • Available with or without control antibodies and qPCR analysis primers

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Figure A
Figure B
ChIP HT96 output
Immunoprecipitation using EVO robotic workstation
Sonicated chromatin prepared from (A) 10,000 or (B) 100,000 HeLa cells was subjected to chromatin immunoprecipitation using 1 μg of purified mouse IgG (M Cat. No. 12-371B) rabbit IgG (R, Cat. No. 12-370) and specific antibodies (RNA Pol II, Cat. No. 17-620; Phospho-CREB, Cat. No. 17-10131; H3K4Me3, Cat. No.17-614) and the Magna ChIP HT96 Kit. The immunoprecipitations shown in (B) were conducted using a Freedom EVO® robotic workstation. Immunoprecipitation of antibody-associated DNA fragments was verified by qPCR using control primers flanking the human GAPDH promoter region. Error bars in (A) represent standard deviation of qPCR triplicates.

mock vs Specific antibody ChIP data
Chromatin was derived from sources as indicated, and Mock vs. Specific antibody immunoprecipitations were performed using the multichannel protocol of Magna ChIP HT96 (see product manual for details) on various loci as indicated on ChIPab+ product data sheets.

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