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Micron Filter Membranes

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A key sample preparation technique, microfiltration removes micron-range particles or biological entities from fluids by passage through a microporous medium, such as a membrane filter. MilliporeSigma, with over 50 years of filtration expertise, sets the industry standard for high-performance membrane technology for sample preparation.

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Filter Holders

Our wide range of membrane filter holders for pressure-driven and vacuum-driven filtration are autoclavable and compatible with membrane discs. 

Choose from our Trusted Membrane-Based Micron Filtration Sheets or Discs:

Durapore® Membrane Filters Durapore® Membrane Filters
Material: PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) 
Features: Low Protein Binding 
Applications: Particulate removal. Compatible with aqueous solutions and some organic solvents.
Express® Plus Express® Plus 
Material: PES (polyethersulfone) 
Features: High throughput and low protein binding 
Applications: Clarification and sterilization of fluids, mainly aqueous. Ideal for hard-to-filter solutions.

MF-Millipore Filters MF-Millipore Filters
Material: MCE (mixed cellulose esters)
Features: General/Buffer filtration and particle monitoring
Applications: Air monitoring and contamination analysis for fuels and hydraulic fluids. Clarification and sterilization of fluids/buffers.
Isopore™ Membrane Isopore™ Membrane
Material: track-etched polycarbonate
Features: Smooth, glass-like surface
Applications: Environmental/Air analysis. Use with aqueous solutions and some organic solvents.

Fluoropore, Mitex, Omnipore, and LCR HPLC-Certified Membrane Filters Fluoropore, Mitex, Omnipore, and LCR HPLC-Certified Membrane Filters
Material: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
Features: High flow rate and broad chemical compatibility
Applications: Clarification of acids, bases, solvents, and analysis of hydraulic fluids. Broad chemical compatibility.
Microfiltration Membrane Support Materials Microfiltration Membrane Support Materials
Material: Cellulose-based pads; spacers are woven from Dacron filaments
Applications: Cellulose pads reinforce filters in MilliporeSigma’s monitors for contamination analysis. Spacers separate membranes to prevent “blinding” of membranes during 2-stage serial filtration.