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Organotypic Culture Protocol
Explore our featured protocol, based upon the pioneering work of Dr. Luc. Stoppini of the Department of Pharmacology at the University Medical Center in Geneva, Switzerland. It is intended as a basic guideline for those researchers interested in hippocampal explant culturing or organotypic cell culture in general. 

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For high cell viability and study of 3D explant structure, the Millicell® organotypic insert is extremely biocompatible. Explants readily adhere to its surface without an extracellular matrix. This unique membrane can sustain cell growth for as long as 40 days, with excellent trans-membrane oxygen transport.

Millicell® Organotypic Cell Culture inserts Key Highlights

  • The Biopore™ (PTFE) membrane provides high viability—for as long as 40 days—and excellent trans-membrane oxygen transport for the superior study of three dimensional explant structure
  • The membrane is optically clear and optimized for long-term organotypic explant maintenance
  • Lower wall height of 5 mm presents a very low profile and allows them to fit inside a standard petri dish and allow for easier manipulation. Samples can be readily accessed with a microscope or electrophysiology equipment without modifying the Millicell® insert or removing the membrane from the support.

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