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MilliporeSigma Expands its Ultrapure Water Portfolio with the Milli-Q® EQ 7000 Water Purification System

Milli-Q® EQ 7000

January 28, 2021

MilliporeSigma has expanded its benchtop ultrapure water system portfolio, launching its new Milli-Q® EQ 7000 Type 1 water purification system. With this launch, MilliporeSigma is driving a better customer experience and demonstrating once again that it is at the forefront of innovation in lab water purification.

The new Milli-Q® EQ 7000 system produces consistent ultrapure water quality that can be easily customized to experimental requirements. Dedicated innovations make the system convenient and effortless to use, while providing confidence that every dispense is of high quality. MilliporeSigma’s Milli-Q® Lab Water products provide reliable, high-quality sources of purified water for all scientists’ needs.

Specific features of MilliporeSigma’s new Milli-Q® EQ 7000 system include:

  • Flexible set-up options: The touchscreen display and dispenser may be installed in a compact benchtop configuration or wall-mounted up to 3 meters from system, saving valuable bench space.
  • New ‘Check & Dispense’ lights: Located on the Q-POD® dispenser arm, these system check lights rapidly confirm that every dispense is of high quality.
  • Redesigned total organic carbon (TOC) indicator: An inline, proprietary indicator measures TOC at the point of use, providing assurance that organic contamination is below 5 parts per billion.

This new system strengthens MilliporeSigma’s Milli-Q® ultrapure water offering that includes the advanced Milli-Q® IQ 7000 ultrapure water system. This intelligent system offers a full qualification program, advanced data traceability and accurate TOC monitoring.

As with all the latest generation Milli-Q® systems, both Milli-Q® IQ and EQ 7000 systems are equipped with similar modern design elements:

  • Powerful purification media: IPAK Meta® and IPAK Quanta® polishing cartridges ensure consistently high-quality ultrapure water.
  • Intuitive touchscreen control: High-definition digital displays simplify system operation.
  • Agile Q-POD® dispensing: Convenient handling with a range of easily accessible dispensing options.
  • Reduced environmental impact: 25 percent smaller system footprint and 33% smaller purification cartridges versus MilliporeSigma’s previous generation Milli-Q® systems. Hibernation mode minimizes water and energy consumption when the lab is closed for extended periods.
  • Space-saving design:  Compact systems that can be easily integrated and neatly installed for a clutter-free workspace.

MilliporeSigma’s Milli-Q® EQ 7000 system is currently available for purchase. This system will replace the existing Milli-Q® Reference and Milli-Q® Reference A+ systems.

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