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Eshmuno Resin Base Matrix

Patient safety. Enhanced.

Advancing lifesaving plasma-derived therapeutics
with Eshmuno® P anti-A & Eshmuno® P anti-B resins


Trace amounts of anti-A and anti-B isoagglutinins in plasma-derived immunoglobulins (Ig) have been associated with increased patient risk for hemolysis, a serious and sometimes fatal complication.


Introduction of chromatographic steps using Eshmuno® P anti-A and Eshmuno® P anti-B resins to specifically deplete anti-A and anti-B antibodies is expected to reduce patient risk for such adverse medical events associated with plasma-derived Ig therapies. This enhanced patient safety is achieved without negatively impacting process economics by reusing the resins for at least 200 cycles, with acid or alkaline cleaning, and without loss of performance.

Eshmuno® P anti-A and Eshmuno® P anti-B are two distinct, affinity based chromatography resins specifically designed to effectively remove these anti-A and anti-B isoagglutinin antibodies from plasma-derived Ig.

Key Advantages

  • Reduce patient risks
  • Improved economics
  • Operational flexibility
  • Improved Quality control
Eshmuno Resin Base Matrix Eshmuno® resin base matrix
Eshmuno® P anti-A Ordering Info Eshmuno® P anti-B Ordering Info

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With Eshmuno® P anti-A and Eshmuno® P anti-B resins, we extend our current affinity chromatography resin portfolio with a novel media specifically designed for the plasma market.

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