On-Demand Webinar

PEGylation: A Successful Path to Drug Delivery

Duration: 1 Hour
  • Aaron Hammons, Business Development Manager, Drug Delivery Compounds, MilliporeSigma
  • Dr. Frank Leenders, Chief Operating Officer, celares GmbH
Abstract: PEGylation is an established and successful tool for improving the pharmacokinetics (PK) of a drug by extending its therapeutic half-life. Parenterally applied medicines such as innovative biotherapeutics benefit particularly from PEGylation. Since 1990, PEGylated forms of 14 drugs have been launched on the market. Neulasta®, Pegasys®, PEG-Intron®, Cimzia®, and Mircera® are prominent examples of PEGylated products with global annual turnovers of billions of dollars.

Developing PEGylated drugs require knowledge of both biology and chemistry. With an increasing number of biosimilars and novel products approaching the market, the pressure for process optimization and cost reduction is high. At the same time, PEGylated drugs are expected to be of extremely high quality.

The webinar addresses critical success factors such as:

  • Strategies for efficient conjugation of PEG to biomolecules
  • Challenges in the purification of PEGylated biomolecules
  • Criticality of raw material quality and specifications

Neulasta is a registered trademark of Amgen Inc.
Mircera and Pegasys are registered trademarks of F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
PEG-Intron is a registered trademark of MSD Sharp & Dohme
Cimzia is a registered trademark of UCB S.A.

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