On-Demand Webinar

Novel Single-Use Bioreactor Technologies for Cell-Based Vaccines

Duration: 1 Hour
Speaker: Sylvain Ribaud, Field Marketing Consultant, Upstream Process Solutions, MilliporeSigma

Abstract: The current trend to develop multi-product facilities requires flexibility of manufacturing equipment for culture of adherent or suspension cells with a corresponding reduction in process complexity. The ultimate goal is to reduce cost and contamination risks and to allow rapid scale-up from lab to production scale. For vaccines in particular, the identification of a single, scalable, single-use bioreactor platform is critical for rapid process development success. Because vaccine processes utilize a wide variety of cell types for production, a single-use bioreactor platform must incorporate a range of novel single-use technologies that provide optimal cell culture performance. This webinar discusses the single-use design considerations and key process parameters that enable rapid and reliable scale-up from lab to pilot for the production of viral vaccines. Scientific data obtained with 3L and 50L single-use stirred tank bioreactors for the cultivation of adherent MDCK mammalian cells on microcarriers, as well as for virus production in EB66® cells, are presented.

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