On-Demand Webinar

Food and Beverage - Optimization of the Wine Clarification Process

Duration: 1 Hour
Speakers: Tommaso Ronconi, Food & Beverage Development Specialist and
Ramón Pérez Campoy, Food & Beverage Technology Expert

Abstract: What if you could optimize wine clarification using less energy and resources, while protecting the wine quality parameters?

From harvest to barrel, every step of the production process influences the quality of the final wine product. This webinar will present an alternative to typical tangential flow filtration and diatomaceous earth methods for wine clarification. By attending this online event, you will have a better understanding of how a closed processing system avoids wine oxidation, protects organoleptic properties, and provides a more sustainable approach for the environment. Material covered in this discussion will include data from a recent customer study of our Millchilling® Normal Flow filtration System.

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