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Quality Management

From the very beginning, the unrestricted promise of quality has been an essential element of our brand. As early as 1851, Emanuel Merck guaranteed "the purity of my preparations" in a letter to his customers and pledged to "compensate for any damage that could arise from an impurity of my preparations." For many decades, MilliporeSigma has been committed to the spirit of his signature - "the trust inspiring signature of the apothecary as a symbol for good quality and highest purity". Today, integrated quality management systems are the basis of our quality philosophy in all divisions of our company.

TOPAS® – Ensuring Quality Continuously

Customer satisfaction as the basis of our company success roots in the high quality of products and services. Since the mid-nineties, MilliporeSigma has been paying tribute to this commitment to quality with its successfully implemented quality management. It has developed continuously into a concept of process description tailored to the various divisions of the company.

The result is a process map to be used as an instrument of leadership. The TOPAS® method (Transparent Optimized Process Analysis System) lines out the process landscape in various divisions and maps it out as a network.

  • TOPAS® links business processes with strategies and operational goals.
  • TOPAS® allows for process costs analysis and shows the development of ROS and ROCE.
  • TOPAS® supports risk analysis.

As a process map TOPAS® depicts processes in a consequent and harmonized way, enabling staff and management to organize working processes in their daily routine in a more transparent, efficient and cost-effective way: Thus, interfaces with internal and external customers are better to recognize and integrate; processes are easier to analyze and therefore easier to optimize.

The results contribute considerably to the identification of improvement potential for the operational business. They strengthen the customer-supplier-relationship and are included in the certification process by the DQS. Competence, tradition and innovation: For generations, we at MilliporeSigma have been dealing with the complex aspects related to the production of, the supply of and the research on chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The tradition of carefulness in all matters of quality is our customer guarantee.


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