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Water Purification Basics On-Demand Webinars

Listen and watch our water purification basics webinars to learn about the latest technologies, experimental tips and troubleshooting strategies for your processes.

The Forgotten Variable: Laboratory Water Purity and its Impact on Your Experiments

July | 2017
  • Presenters: Dr. Estelle Riche, Senior Scientist, Lab Water Application Group, Millipore SAS, France
  • Abstract
    Join this exciting and interactive webinar about laboratory water. Learn about the potential impact of water purity on your experiments and how water is purified for use in the lab. You will also receive practical advice about how to obtain the best water quality from your purification system.

    You will learn:
    • How analytical instruments (HPLC, LC-MS, etc.) and experimental results may be affected by contaminants in your lab water
    • To identify these contaminants and understand how various water purification technologies can remove them from your lab water
    • How to obtain the best water quality for your experiments

    If you are a scientist using high purity water at any stage of your experiments, you should attend this webinar. This webinar is also valuable for your research teams, your lab manager, and anyone else using or maintaining lab water purification systems.

Establishing Fertility Biomarkers

Sept. | 2016
  • Presenters: Prof. Maurizio Zuccotti, Laboratorio di Biologia dello Sviluppo, University of Parma and University of Pavia, Italy; and Dr. Estelle Riché, Senior Scientist, Lab Water Application Group, Millipore SAS, France
  • Abstract
    Professor Maurizio Zuccotti discusses recent findings about the biochemical pathways regulating the growth of mammalian oocytes, and the cytological and molecular markers that could help to identify those that are competent to sustain development. Dr. Riché concludes by discussing the potential impact of water quality on experimental results, specifically as it pertains to oocyte and embryo research.

Practical Tips to Get the Most from Your Lab's Water Purification System

March | 2015
  • Presenter: Dr. Estelle Riché, Senior Scientist, Lab Water Application Group, Millipore SAS
  • Abstract
    Water is the most commonly used solvent in laboratories, yet it is probably the least understood. The purity of laboratory water is an important factor for the optimization of experimental results and can boost productivity. In this webinar, we will share practical tips on how you can get the most out of your water purification system.

    You will learn:
    • How to use your water purification system in an optimal way.
    • Discover how to identify potential sources of water contamination, and understand how these contaminants may affect experimental results.
    • Understand how proper handling of ultrapure water will help boost your productivity.

Water - More Important Than You Might Imagine

June | 2014
  • Presenter: Maricar Tarun-Dube, Ph.D., Global Speaker and Scientific Writer, MilliporeSigma
  • Abstract
    Dr. Maricar Tarun Dube will elucidate the processes involved in laboratory water purification. This knowledge is necessary to make sure that it is best suited for the experiments performed in the laboratory, and is also helpful in preventing future problems with water purification systems and the associated downtime and cost.

Do you know what‘s in your laboratory water?

Sept. | 2012
  • Presenter: Dr. Estelle Riché, Senior Scientist, Lab Water Application Group, Millipore SAS
  • Abstract
    This webinar will provide practical information to scientists regarding the water contaminants they should be concerned about when performing experiments. It will help them understand the potential impact of these contaminants on laboratory applications such as HPLC, or molecular biology. They will also learn how laboratory water is purified to remove these contaminants of concern.