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Spectroquant® Prove 600 Augmented Reality App

Explore Our Newest Spectrophotometer

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Just Prove it. Spectroquant® Prove 600.

Augmented Reality: innovative, intuitive, intelligent.

Try out our world-wide innovation: the Spectroquant® Prove 600 Augmented Reality Application! Our Augmented Reality Application will guide you through some of the highlights of our newest spectrophotometer, the Spectroquant® Prove 600.

Don´t miss the surprise when pointing the camera at our brochure in “virtual try-on”.

  • Innovative: Just point the tablet at the device, the tablet’s integrated camera captures the spectrophotometer and tracks it, then Augmented Reality superimposes visuals and 3D-animations and guides users intuitively through complex operation tasks.

  • Intuitive and fun to use: Camera based Interaction via 3D Tracking Technology

  • Intelligent: The app demonstrates the high potential of Augmented Reality in the context of ›Industry 4.0‹ - where environments and objects are permanently matched & aligned to 3D-simulations.

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