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Sucralose, A Sweetener for Pharmaceutical Applications

Improve adherence to medication with sucralose, which excels at masking bitterness and medical off-notes with ease. MilliporeSigma provides sucralose, a readily soluble sweetener, for various pharmaceutical applications. It is produced under cGMP conditions and part of our Emprove® program, supporting your qualification and approval processes.

  • Supports stable formulations with aqueous heat and pH stability
  • Readily soluble and easy to handle
  • Improves patient compliance through taste masking
  • Emprove® documentation and regulatory compliance
  • Batch-to-batch consistency provides reliable results
Cat. No.Product DescriptionQuantity
1.00894 Sucralose powder suitable for use as excipient EMPROVE® exp Ph Eur,NF 1 kg, 10 kg
1.00895 Sucralose granular suitable for use as excipient EMPROVE® exp Ph Eur,NF 1 kg, 10 kg
Ideal Solubility and Taste Masking with Sucralose

Because it is 600 times sweeter than sugar, has no calories, won’t cause caries, and is synergistic with fructose and corn syrups, sucralose may be used in syrups, throat lozenges or chewable tablets. One particularly important application is in orally disintegrating tablets (ODT products) where good taste is a key factor for market success. Sucralose is also suitable for children, pregnant women and people with diabetes or glucose intolerance who require a sugar substitute. As an inert compound, it does not interact with other ingredients and avoids Maillard reactions.

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Your Fast Track Through Regulatory Challenges.
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