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Parteck® SLC – Enhancing Drug Solubility

Low solubility of your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is often the cause of poor bioavailability. To improve your formulation we have developed Parteck® SLC, an innovative silica drug carrier that was awarded the silver prize at the 2012 CPhI Pharma Awards. Parteck® SLC provides maximum load for maximum release, significantly increasing bioavailability of your API.

Benefits of Parteck® SLC:

  • Enhances solubility of APIs
  • Superior dissolution performance
  • Unique pore structure and high surface area
  • User-friendly particle properties
  • Reliable supply chain and application support
Cat. No.Product DescriptionQuantity
120091 Parteck® SLC 500 suitable for use as excipient, USP, Ph Eur 300 g

Feasibility studies have proven Parteck® SLC’s outstanding performance both in vitro and in vivo. Parteck® SLC offers the opportunity to reformulate molecules and potentially extend the life cycle of a drug.

Our expert support team is here to help - from early development to production. We offer you feasibility studies on loading your API on the carrier Parteck® SLC, showing the dissolution performance and helping you with final tablet formulation.

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