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Directly Compressible Magnesium Hydroxide Carbonate without Additives

The efficient and safe production of tablets – from drugs to effervescent tablets – requires high quality excipients, especially if higher ingredient concentrations are needed. In order to produce sufficiently hard tablets at high quality and with fewer process steps, MilliporeSigma has developed Parteck® Mg DC, a directly compressible magnesium salt that is unique in the market. It requires no extra granulation and is ideal for tablet, capsule and powder formulations.


  • Directly compressible without additives
  • Saves cost and time due to fewer process steps
  • Smaller, harder, highly concentrated tablets
  • Fulfills all food and pharma purity requirements
  • Emprove® documentation and regulatory services
Cat. No.Product DescriptionQuantity
102440 Parteck® Mg DC (Magnesium hydroxide carbonate) heavy suitable for use as excipient EMPROVE® exp Ph Eur,BP,USP,E 504 1 kg, 40 kg
Parteck® MgDC: Unique Properties, Greater Advantages

Parteck® Mg DC is the only magnesium hydroxide carbonate on the market that lets you press high quality tablets directly without the need for additives like starch. The advantage is that you can achieve smaller, more concentrated tablets with fewer process steps, saving time and money. You also have fewer ingredients to declare. Parteck® Mg DC has a high BET surface for binding ingredients, so it easy to make tablets harder.

Parteck® Mg DC is part of our Emprove® exp product line, combining excellent services with ready-to-use documentation and facilitating your qualification and registration processes.

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