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Millipore Express® Membranes for Bioburden Reduction


Sterility Assured

As your trusted advisor, we pride ourselves on offering a range of polyethersulfone (PES) membranes and formats to meet your bioburden reduction needs. With broad chemical compatibility and exceptionally high flow rates for solutions at the high and low range of pH, 1-14, you can rest easy knowing you will have the highest level of quality every step of the way.

Millipore Express® SHC

Our Millipore Express® SHC (Sterilizing-grade High Capacity) filters are designed for use across a range of low to high fouling process solutions, including: cell culture media and media additives, process intermediates, buffers, cleaning and sanitizing solutions, as well as protein containing solutions.  Our filters have an on-board polyethersulfone membrane prefilter which protects the membrane from premature plugging and extends filtration capacity, so you get sterilizing-grade performance with superior throughput.

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