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Durapore® Membranes for Bioburden Reduction


Sterility Assured

We pride ourselves on offering a range of Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membranes and formats to meet your bioburden reduction needs. With broad chemical compatibility, exceptionally high flow rates and sterility assurance, you can rest easy knowing you have chosen a trusted advisor with robust bioburden reduction products.

Durapore® CBR 0.1 µm Filters

Ideal for clean processes due to low extractables, broad chemical compatibility and its non-fiber releasing properties. Our Durapore® CBR 0.1 µm bioburden reduction PVDF membrane is recommended for applications requiring mycoplasma reduction, small particle and microorganism removal.

Durapore® 0.65 µm Cartridge Filters

Designed to easily remove particles and microorganisms from aqueous streams, our Durapore® 0.65 µm cartridge filters provide high flow rates, multiple steamability and low gravimetric extractables.

Durapore® 0.45 μm Cartridge Filters

The unique combination of PVDF membrane with a cellulose ester prefilter layer offers superior throughput with solutions containing hard or colloidal particles. Designed to remove particles and microorganisms from aqueous streams, these filters are best suited for LVP, ophthalmic solutions, serum, media, vaccine production and diagnostic prefiltration applications.

Durapore® 0.45 μm Capsule

Opticap® disposable capsule filters with 0.45 µm hydrophilic Durapore® membrane are available in multiple filtration areas, providing an optimal choice for every application. The capsule's patented design allows unparalleled thermal and hydraulic stress resistance, resulting in reliability and improved cleanliness.

Durapore® 0.45 μm Optiscale®

OptiScale® capsule filters provide a convenient small-volume option for process screening and scaling. These “drop in” filters are ideal for evaluating biopharmaceuticals, providing speed-to-market strategies for efficiently developing compounds and biotherapeutics.

Durapore® 0.45 μm Millipak®/Millidisk®

Millipak® disposable filter units are stacked disc filters designed for the removal of particles and microorganisms from liquids and gases. Our stacked disc design allows minimal hold-up volume and particle shedding, making Millipak® units ideally suited for high value-added applications. 

Durapore® 5.0 μm Millipak®/Millidisk®

Millipak® and Millidisk® filling machine filters are designed for point-of-use filtration at the filling head. They may be used for either final sterilization (0.22 µm units) or particle removal (5.0 µm units). Made with Durapore® PVDF membranes, these filters provide high flow rates and throughputs, broad chemical compatibility and the lowest protein binding of any membrane available. 

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