Optimized for Wet Chemical Labs

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MilliporeSigma places the greatest importance on the highest quality, lowest impurities and a vast number of specified parameters of each individual product. From development to delivery, we take the utmost care to achieve outstanding quality, particularly in the sensitive field of analytical reagents. Optimized for use in wet chemical analysis and compliant with ACS and Reag.PhEur specifications, our reagents allow you to work confidently. That's what you can expect from MilliporeSigma's inorganic reagents.

Comprehensive Range

Take advantage of first-rate chemicals and reagents that are perfectly suited to your individual application! Our various quality grades, e.g. for acids and salts,  Suprapur® and Ultrapur®,  are designed to accommodate your every wish. Whether you need to meet international standards, follow safety regulations, require large or small quantities, or have a unique application, you are sure to find the ideal solution in our product range. The more sensitive the instrumental detection becomes, the more important it is to use highly pure reagents. System errors caused by impurities in the auxiliary reagents are difficult to quantify. MilliporeSigma has a specially tailored range of standards and reagents to satisfy all purity requirements. Please discover our accredited standards for instrumental calibration such as Titrisol®, Titripac® and Titripur®. 

Safety Products and General Applications

Using natural products wherever possible, our reagents conform to the highest quality standards to make your daily work not only safer but also simpler. This essential part of the inorganic portfolio includes Chemizorb® absorbents for spilled liquids, EXTRAN® laboratory cleansers, drying agents and indicators, as well as products for absorption, filtration, sample preparation and product purification.

Minimize Risks. Maximize Safety.

If you work in a lab, you are often exposed to chemicals that could be hazardous to your health. To help minimize risks, MilliporeSigma’s extensive product range for wet chemical labs is carefully developed and thoroughly tested so that we can provide maximum safety for users.

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Well Protected. Well Prepared.

Our products not only protect users, but also the environment. Whether developing products and packaging or providing detailed documentation, sustainability is a top priority at MilliporeSigma.

Fully Compliant with ACS and Reag. Ph Eur

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Inorganic Reagents/LE-Pipette-120x119-07302013.jpgMilliporeSigma offers an extensive range of analytical reagents specially developed for pharmacopeia analysis in accordance with ACS and Reag. Ph Eur standards. Thanks to their excellent quality, the reagents ensure reliable analyses as well as greater efficiency and economy during work processes. What’s more, the outstanding batch-to-batch consistency of our reagents guarantees reproducible results, hence eliminating the need for repeat analyses.

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Our inorganic reagents movies offer a clear and descriptive presentation of products, applications, processes, and more.

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The lab safety film provides a general overview about the correct handling of MilliporeSigma products.

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Inorganic reagents - video collection

Inorganic Reagents
Video collection

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Safety in the lab

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