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Suprapur® and Ultrapur

High-Purity Acids and Bases for Sample Preparation in Inorganic Trace Analysis

Sample solution preparation in instrumental inorganic trace analysis requires extremely pure preparation reagents – because any impurity can compromise measurement accuracy. MilliporeSigma offers a broad variety of high-purity Suprapur® and Ultrapur acids and bases for wet digestion.

Ultrapur meets the highest demands of all users for ultra-trace instrumental analysis in ppt range, e.g. ICP-MS. Suprapur® grade acids feature extremely low impurities which makes them perfect for high-precision analysis in the ppb range. Their reliably high stability guarantees consistent purity during the entire minimum shelf life. With Suprapur® and Ultrapur acids and bases from MilliporeSigma, you detect your analyte, not the impurities of your reagents.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
101514 Hydrochloric acid 30%
105428 Ammonia solution 25 %
100335 Hydrofluoric acid 40%
100441 Nitric acid 65%
107298 Hydrogen peroxide 30%
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