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Certipur® Ready-to-Use Color Reference Solutions According to Ph Eur

Examining the degree of coloration of liquids in the range brown – yellow – red is described in the European Pharmacopoeia. Preparation of the required color reference solutions, however, is complex and time-consuming. Hence, the ready-to-use Certipur® reference solutions from MilliporeSigma can save you time and money. 

All 37 color reference solutions described in chapter 2.2.2 of the Ph Eur – are available as convenient, easy to use kits. Each kit (B, BY, Y, GY and R) contains a set of cuvettes with the respective solutions as well as empty sample cells (developed for Ph Eur method I). To perform the analysis, simply fill the sample in the empty cuvette, place it alongside the color comparison solutions in the rack provided, and compare colors in diffused daylight, viewing horizontally against a white background.

Moreover, we provide a high-quality reference solution for preparing color standards according to the APHA / Hazen / Platinum Cobalt color scale as defined in ASTM D1209.

Our ready-to-use Certipur® color reference standards are very stable solutions with a minimum shelf life of 3 years (Hazen 500: 18 months). A comprehensive Certificate of Analysis is included in each set.

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114724 Empty cells 16 mm
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