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Overview: Reliable, stable, accurate

If you use refractometry to measure sucrose content of your products, Certipur® Brix standards are your best choice for calibrating your instruments. The Certipur® Brix standards from MilliporeSigma are first-class sucrose calibration standards usable for all brands and types of refractometers. Excellent product quality and an exceptionally long shelf life even at room temperatures make our standards ideal for reliable and efficient quality control. All Certipur® reference materials for refractometry are traceable to SRM from NIST and PTB.

Excellent quality and shelf life

Certipur® Brix standards are produced according to ICUMSA (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis) guidelines using high-purity raw materials. Each one of our standards is thoroughly tested for homogeneity and stability and features extended measurement uncertainty calculated to ISO 17025 (Brix standard 0°: ± 0.02°; Brix 5°/10°/20°/ 30°/40°: ± 0.05°; Brix 40°/50°/60°: ± 0.1° uncertainty).
Minimum shelf life of an unopened ampoule of Brix Standard Certipur® 0° is 36 months and that of all our other Brix standards is 24 months – longer than what most other suppliers can offer. No special storage conditions are required: The standards can be easily stored at regular room temperature (15°C - 25°C), saving you considerable storage costs.

The Brix scale

The Brix value (degree Brix, °Bx) indicates the sucrose content of an aqueous solution. Because dissolution of sugars changes the optical properties of a solution, its Brix value can be determined, among other methods, by measuring its refractive index relative to a standard sucrose solution of known strength. These standards can be used to calibrate the refractometer so that it reads directly in degree Brix. Therefore, accuracy and reliability of the Brix calibration standard used are of utmost importance. 

Catalog Number Catalog Name
108962 Refractive index standard kit 1
500405 Refractive index standard
500440 Refractive index standard
108961 Refractive index standard kit 2
500460 Refractive index standard
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