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Aquastar® Two Component Reagents

In our Aquastar® two-component reagents, the ingredients needed for the Karl Fischer reaction are provided in two separate reagents, titrant and solvent. The titrant consists of a solution of iodine in methanol while the solvent that is used as the working medium in the KF cell contains the other Karl Fischer reaction components – sulfur dioxide and a suitable base dissolved in methanol.

Two-component reagent systems have a greater long-term stability and a slightly faster titration speed than one-component reagents. Because the solvent already contains the base and sulfur dioxide, titration times are shorter, whereas the high buffer capacity of the solvent results in higher accuracy.

MilliporeSigma’s range of Aquastar® two-component Karl Fischer reagents includes titrants with concentrations of 2 and 5 mg H2O/ml together with a high-quality Aquastar® solvent. For water determination in oils and fats, we recommend Aquastar® Solvent Oils & Fats (188016) which has been developed especially for this application.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
1.88010 Titrant 5
1.88011 Titrant 2
1.88015 Solvent
188010 Titrant 5
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