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Aquastar® Water Standard Oven 1 %

Our Aquastar® Water Standard Oven 1 % standard is an entirely solid standard for use with the Karl Fischer oven method. Thanks to its low water content of 1%, this standard is particularly suited when using the Karl Fischer oven with a coulometer. In contrast to other solid standards like lactose, citrate, or tartrate, this standard features a considerably lower water content of only 1% and can be used over a wide temperature range from 140–400°C. The reason: Its composition is based on an inorganic substance which is stable even at high temperatures. With organic substances, by contrast, decomposition reactions with water formation may already set in at temperatures above 150°C, causing erroneous results. Each package contains a batch-specific certificate with the exact measured water content of the batch, uncertainty data, measuring methods – Karl Fischer method and thermogravimetry – as well as minimum shelf-life.

This Certified Reference Material (CRM) is manufactured under the scope of ISO 17034 and certified in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing lab, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reproducibility.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
188054 Water Standard Oven 1%
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