Aquastar® Reagents for Coulometric Titration

Coulometric Karl Fischer titration is preferred for very low levels of water contents (below 1%) or for water determination of expensive substances with small sample amounts. Compared to volumetric titration, the iodine titrant required for the titration is electrochemically generated in the titration cell itself by anodic oxidation of iodide at the generator electrode. Water content is determined by measuring the current needed for oxidation until the reaction is completed.

Measuring cells for coulometric determination consist of anode and cathode compartments which can be separated by a diaphragm. MilliporeSigma provides coulometric reagents for both titration cells with and without diaphragms. Whatever your application, the high quality of Aquastar® coulometric reagents from MilliporeSigma ensures accurate and reproducible results.

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