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Flow Cytometry Instrumentation

Solutions for Every Lab

From miniaturized systems for basic analysis, to versatile multiparameter benchtop platforms, to quantitative imaging of each cell in flow, MilliporeSigma offers a range of flow cytometers to fit every need. Read on to learn more, then pick your platform – and make your mark.

Cell Analyzer

Affordable Flow Cytometry for
Any Lab.

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The Muse® cell analyzer concentrates the power of flow cytometry into an affordable, easy-to-use, compact device, making flow accessible to anyone, anytime — with no expertise required.

Get quantitative data quickly and easily for the most essential cellular assays including count, viability, apoptosis indicators, cell cycle, and fundamental signaling pathway markers.
Guava® easyCyte
Flow Cytometers

Flexible, Intuitive Benchtop Flow Cytometers.

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Guava® easyCyte flow cytometers use groundbreaking microcapillary fluidics to consume less sample, reduce waste, and eliminate the need for sheath fluid.

Up to 12 parameters and software designed for interrogation of high throughput data brings a new class of data analysis to accessible, benchtop flow cytometry.

Amnis® Imaging
Flow Cytometers

Revolutionary Flow Cytometry Combined with Microscopy.

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Amnis ImageStream®X and FlowSight® are the first and only instruments to combine flow cytometry and microscopy, yielding novel insights into cell biology.

By providing up to 12 images for every event, Amnis® cytometers transform flow cytometry by adding powerful quantitative imaging to dotplots and histograms.