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Auxiliaries for Histology: Complete Range and Documentation

MilliporeSigma not only offers ready-to-use staining kits and solutions for histology, but also a complete range of auxiliary products to support your investigation. Our extensive portfolio includes fixation reagents, solvents for histoprocessing, embedding and mounting media, as well as products for deparaffinizing, dehydration and clearing of histological specimens. For further benefits, we also provide an environmentally friendly xylene substitute, and temperature-stable paraffins. Thanks to their outstanding quality, our auxiliary products and reagents ensure reliable staining and long-term color stability. 

In addition to a certificate of analysis (CoA), all of our auxiliaries are accompanied by comprehensive quality and process documentation. Since they are CE certified IVDs, our products are ideally suited for use in diagnostic laboratories, and support laboratory accreditation and certification.


Auxiliaries for histologyHard material, like bone, teeth or cartilage, should be decalcified prior to processing. We offer two color-coded solutions for this purpose. The blue OSTEOMOLL® is used for more robust bone material and allows fast and reliable decalcification. It is an acidic formaldehyde-containing solution, which enables decalcification and fixation in one step. The yellow OSTEOSOFT® is for specimens which need gentle treatment. It preserves cell and antigen structures and allows immunohistochemical methods to be applied afterwards.


Histosec® is a special high-purity paraffin enriched with polymers for embedding histological specimens. The melting point of Histosec® is between 56 and 58 °C. Within this range, any specimen can be processed without structural damage, irrespective of the method used. Histosec® is available with and without DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). DMSO increases the penetration rate of paraffin and further preserves tissue structures.

Fixation with Formaldehyde Solutions


Formaldehyde is one of the most common and effective fixatives used in histology. A 4 % solution of formaldehyde is equivalent to a 10 % solution of formalin. To prevent polymerization of the solution, approximately 10 –15 % methyl alcohol is added. Further stability is achieved by buffering the solution at about pH 6.9. This not only protects the user from the infectious potential of the sample material, but also preserves the tissue structures. Like this, a reliable processing of patients' samples for flawless histology staining, molecular pathology and IHC can be ensured.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy and established fixation of histological samples 
  • 4% Formaldehyde equals 10% Formalin
  • Excellent protection from infectious potential of the samples 
  • Preservation of tissue structures
  • Buffered Formaldehyde solutions
  • 3 year stability at room temperature
  • IVD registered and CE certified

Neo-Clear® and Neo-Mount®

Neo-Clear® and Neo-Mount® are xylene substitutes for histoprocessing, deparaffination, clearing and mounting of specimens in the staining process. Neo-Clear® is an aliphatic hydrocarbon and can be used in the same way as xylene, without adjusting methods or incubation times. It has a lower evaporation rate and reduces odor. Neo-Mount® is a non-aqueous, user-friendly mounting medium, designed for use with Neo-Clear®. It is extremely color-stable and has a refractive index of approx. 1.46.


Product Range

A complete portfolio of auxiliaries for histology, including products for fixation, histoprocessing, embedding, deparaffinizing, dehydration, clearing and mounting of tissue specimens.

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