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Cytochemical Reagents: Optimal Visualization

Cytochemical reagentsOur microscopy portfolio includes cytochemical reagents for localizing and determining the activity of cell components and enzymes in blood samples. The stains are essential for monitoring peroxidase, esterase and phosphatase reactions, which play an important role in the diagnosis and typing of leukemia in hematology. Their multi-step reactions are based on enzymatic activity and indicate pathological changes in the patient’s blood sample.

To ensure reliable diagnostics, all of our cytochemical reagents offer the highest quality standards and are CE certified, IVD registrated products. The stains are supplied as kits in economical package sizes that include all reagents needed for the reaction. Thanks to their long shelf lives at room temperature, our products further enable efficient use.


LEUCOGNOST® staining kits offer essential chromogenic enzyme detection for leukemia diagnostics. They allow semi-quantitative localization and activity detection of enzyme systems in the cytoplasm of leukemia cells, which are important for differential diagnosis. The ready-to-use kits are suitable for the determination of alkaline leukocyte phosphatase activity as well as for PAS, peroxidase, specific esterase and acid phosphatase reactions.


HEMATOGNOST Fe® is used to perform the Prussian blue reaction in which ionic iron (Fe3+) not bound to the heme structure reacts with potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) in hydrochloric solution. This causes precipitation of the iron as an insoluble complex salt in blood, bone marrow or tissue cells. Specimens are then counterstained with Nuclear fast red solution to achieve optimal visual differentiation. The reaction is used to diagnose conditions such as hemochromatosis, asbestosis or bone marrow diseases.

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A complete range of cytochemical staining reagents for localizing and determining activity of cell components and enzymes in blood samples.

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