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Auxiliaries for Bacteriology: Complete Support

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/LE-Auxiliaries for bacteriology-120x95-08262013.jpgBacteriological analysis is a multi-step process, which comprises sample preparation, fixation, staining, mounting and diagnostic microscopy. We cover your requirements for every step. Not only do we provide you with brilliant, ready-to-use staining solutions but also reliable fixatives, aqueous and non-aqueous mounting media, as well as immersion oils with excellent refractive properties.

Our complete portfolio of auxiliaries also includes high-quality reagents, solvents, solutions, excipients and instruments for bacteriology. As with all of our bacteriology products, our auxiliaries are CE certified IVDs. Hence, they optimally support clinical diagnostics, while making laboratory accreditations and audits more efficient.

Immersion Oil for Microscopy

Immersion oil is used for high-resolution microscopy with immersion objectives and is applied between the specimen surface and the microscope lens. Our immersion oil for microscopy offers an optimal refractive index of 1.516 and excellent homogeneity to eliminate light beam deflection and considerably increase the effectiveness of the lens.

Immersion Oil for Microscopy

Product Range

Mounting media, immersion oils and many more reagents, solutions and tools for bacteriology.

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Stains for Microorganisms

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Sterikon® Plus Bioindicator
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