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Our Lunch & Learn Seminars are a convenient and enjoyable way for busy QC professionals and personnel responsible for microbiological monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry to stay on top of regulatory and technological advancements.

We will come to your site and provide lunch for all attendees along with in-depth technical presentations. You simply choose any 40 – 60 minute options from the following à la carte menu to customize a Lunch & Learn session specifically for your requirements. If you have room for dessert, you can opt for a 90-minute hands-on session customized by our experts to meet your specific product or application needs.

offers a range of products and services for bioburden testing, sterility testing, rapid testing and media fill and other microbial quality control tests. Many of these products are manufactured according to the same guidelines used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, including ISO® and GMP regulations.

At Lunch & Learn Seminars, our in-house experts will provide timely information on changing regulations and the latest test methods that affect our jobs. Call toll-free in the U.S. and Canada: +1-800-645-5476

Lunch & Learn Seminars Brochure

Lunch & Learn Seminars Brochure

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Note: If this service is not available for your country of choice, please contact your local Application Specialist or call toll free +1-800-645-5476

Choose between our selections of lunch & learn seminars in U.S. and Canada: < (Either one or two selections: Session 40 – 60 minutes)

Rapid Microbiology
Learn the benefits of implementing rapid microbiology for monitor-ing microbial contamination in raw materials, inprocess materials and non-sterile finished products at your facility. The technology and applications of the Milliflex® Quantum will be highlighted. The presentation will also discuss how to evaluate different rapid microbiological methods and develop your own user requirement specification (URS).

Sterility Testing
Review current sterility testing regulations and guidelines, industry issues and applicable future regulatory changes. Our experts will pre-sent an overview of a range of sterility test methods and lead a discus-sion on the critical aspects of sterility test components, highlighting a basic review of validation requirements. Practical solutions and helpful tips will be offered, based on decades of experience in sterility testing.

Aseptic Process Simulations - The Media Fill
Our experts will review the regulations and guidance for compliance with manufacturing and quality control, which will demonstrate the guaranteed sterility of your product, personnel and procedures. We will discuss the design of a media fill and the impact that a positive result can have on your company. We will also present the benefits of granulated dehydrated culture media.

Pyrogen Testing
Review the current pyrogen testing solutions and regulations, industry trends and applicable future regulatory changes. Our experts will present an overview of pyrogen testing, with a concentration on the Monocyte Activation test, a validated alternative method to the Rabbit Pyrogen test. Engage in a discussion on the critical components of the MAT test, review of requirements and helpful tips.

Microbial Limits Testing
Take a look at current Pharmacopeia require-ments and potential updates or changes. The impact of microbial contamination on drug production will be discussed along with the various test methodologies available today for microbial limits. Discussion will include validation requirements and how to perform microbial limits tests.

Non-Sterile Microbial Control
Our experts will review the new USP <63> for Mycoplasma to help you understand how this chapter will be enforced. Review of the Ph. Eur. 2.6.7 Nucleic Acid section will also be conducted as an alternative method for Mycoplasma detection. They will also go through a brief demonstration of our MilliPROBE System for detecting Mycoplasma.

Environmental Monitoring
Review the regulations and guidelines for microbiological monitor-ing of air. Air monitoring is a critical component of the environmental monitoring program of any pharmaceutical, biotherapeutic or medi-cal device manufacturer as well as a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirement for both the US and Europe. The key aspects of an environmental monitoring program will be highlighted along with the distinguishing features of various methodologies and validation requirements.

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If you cannot find a selection to meet your tastes, feel free to suggest a topic. To add a 90-minute hands-on session, please contact your local MilliporeSigma application specialist or call toll free +1-800-645-5476.

Microbiology Service Brochure

Microbiology Service

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