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Culture Media for Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry


State-of-the-Art, Quality Controlled Culture Media

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MilliporeSigma, a market leader in industrial microbiology, uses the expertise and experience it has gained to develop culture media solutions for specific applications in a variety of industries. For the demanding applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, we provide culture media with consistent high quality for routine use. Our state-of-the-art formulations are available as

MilliporeSigma strives to provide convenient to use culture media solutions that meet mandatory regulatory requirements to produce safe products.

Our unique granulated culture media are convenient, safe and meet the highest industry performance standards. Additionally, granulation significantly reduces inhalation of hazardous media components and consequent allergic responses. It also minimizes contamination of the working environment. MilliporeSigma’s ready-to-use media require no further preparation steps and save time and money.

All of MilliporeSigma’s media products are strictly quality controlled to guarantee consistent high quality. They are regularly tested and come with lot-specific certificates of analyses. However, we do not only offer outstanding variety and quality but also flexible customized solutions: No media requirement is too big or too small for us to handle.

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