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Culture Media Cassettes, Liquid
Media & Rinse Fluids

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MilliporeSigma provides high-quality consumables specifically for its Milliflex® platform, a complete solution for bioburden testing. The prefilled agar cassettes, liquid media ampoules and rinse fluids simplify handling procedures, save valuable staff time and ensure consistent bioburden testing results.

Agar Cassettes for the Milliflex® System

Prefilled Agar Cassettes

A complete range of agar-based culture media in ready-to-use cassettes, manufactured and QC tested according to pharmaceutical industry requirements.

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Liquid Media for the Milliflex® System

Liquid Ampoule Media

Milliflex® liquid media cassettes and liquid ampoule media can be used in combination with the Milliflex® filter units and provide superior features and benefits:

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Liquid Media for the Milliflex® System

Rinse Fluids

MilliporeSigma’s rinse fluids provide the highest levels of purity and testing confidence and have been formulated and tested to meet the requirements of the United States, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeias. Every rinse solution is validated and packaged in convenient test volumes. The bottle closure combines a screw cap with a septum for aseptic transfer.

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Milliflex Oasis® System Brochure

Milliflex Oasis® System

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Milliflex® Platform

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