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New Level of Handling Convenience with Compaction

Compacted Cell Culture MediaTo make dry powder media more convenient to handle and simplify media preparation, we apply roller compaction, a technology to produce compacted cell culture media. This dry granulation technique applies compression force and milling to produce granules from a fine powder without the need of additional water or excipients. Because the powder is exposed to less heat in this process as compared to wet granulation, which requires a drying step, the media composition of the resulting granules remains the same.

See dry powder vs. EZMix™ compacted media video.

Compacted cell culture media, like the custom EZMix™ product line, delivers equivalent performance to dry powder media and offers important advantages for intensified upstream processes. Compacted media is easy to hydrate, requires less packaging volume, and has enhanced flowability, resulting in significant savings, reduced footprint, and increased upstream flexibility.

Features and benefits of compacted cell culture media:
  • Accelerated dissolution streamlines media preperation
  • Minimized dust formation enhances operator safety and reduces contamination
  • Increased flowability improves handling during transfer and mixing
  • Lower bulk volume reduces storage and transport space requirements
  • No impact on media performance, including pH, osmolality, solubility, viability, titer, or the distribution of raw materials, like vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements.

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